She followed his cue…

She did not want to do this again but did not want another spanking either, so she took reggie’s flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking.
He said looking down at her blond hair and easing up on the force he had been applying.
He held her head and began gently rubbing her back with his other hand.
You see how much better it is if you don’t resist me? I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll love you and treat you nice if you treat me nice.
Like a flag on a pole, her head rose higher as his organ enlarged and hardened, ultimately just its glans fitting in her mouth.

She followed his cue, put her lips around its head again, and pumped its shaft.
When he finished she retreated to the other end of the sofa with the taste of his semen still in her mouth. She did not understand how he could make so much of it.
He had already cum twice this morning and she swallowed five more mouthfuls now. How could a man be this virile and practically not need a refractory period?

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