Kelly obeys

In the shower Frank was making out with Kelly. His hands ran down her back to her ass cheeks, Frank was having the time of his life. In the shower with
this gorgeous 22 year old blond, his hands caressing her body, her breasts against his chest.
He stop and tells her to go to the wall. Kelly does as she is told. Kelly knew what was about to happened and indeed it happend.
He starts thrusting faster and faster.

After the shower Frank got dressed. After he was dress he selected what Kelly was to wear. He looked throught and was disappointed that Kelly didn’t some lacie panties.
He watches her put on just a matching blue half cupped bra with blue panties with blue heel shoes.
After breakfast, Frank gets up and takes his plate and Kelly’s plate to the kitchen. He tells Kelly just to sit there until he comes back. Kelly obeys.

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