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She puts her mouth on his penis

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Kelly obeys

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Dormant slut personality

After weeks of getting plowed with her teacher’s huge thick cock, Lisa seemed to put aside her differences with Mr. Pierre as she now welcomes his “extra credit” sessions.Lisa fully embraces her dormant slut personality as she is fucked to […]

She followed his cue…

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He shoots two fingers up in Kelly’s vagina

Frank returns. In his hand was a small piece of pancake that he didn’t eat. He approaches Kelly and drops into her cleavage. He sticks his hand into Kelly’s cleavage and starts feeling around pretending to look for the small […]

Mouth service

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  As Taylor inserts his thick cock deep up the MILF’s huge white ass, a surge of pleasure shoots throughout Rebecca’s body as the now too familiar feeling sends her in a trance as ¬†she almost forgets that her husband […]