She puts her mouth on his penis

Frank moaned and groaned as he continued thrusting into kelly. He couldn’t believe he was actually screwing this beautiful 22 year old.
Franks gets off her. Kelly was shaken up that she fall out of bed.
Kelly puts her purple polished fingernails on Frank’s penis.
Kelly does as she was told. She puts her mouth on his penis and starts sucking.


She kept going until he suddenly rams it deeper into her mouth. Frank finally take’s it out of her mouth. Kelly was coughing and gagging.
Frank squeezes the last of the semen out into his hands and tells Kelly to lick.
He reaches for a box of tissues and cleans his hands.

Swallowing all the hot

Stuck with the knowledge that once again that her past actions are coming back to bite her in the ass, Lisa decides to rely on her newly discovered skills in serving black cock.
As Lisa thinks that she could easily get the cop off with her mouth,things take a quick turn towards the bizarre in this cold dark alley.

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