Dormant slut personality

After weeks of getting plowed with her teacher’s huge thick cock, Lisa seemed to put aside her differences with Mr. Pierre as she now welcomes his “extra credit” sessions.
Lisa fully embraces her dormant slut personality as she is fucked to the brink of sanity as she brace for incoming orgasms.

As Mr. Pierre shoots his hot cum all over Lisa, They soon get an unexpected visit just before they begin their round two of hot sex.
Annoyed at the interruption. Lisa angrily goes to answer the door to the surprise of seeing her father right at the door.
Feeling awkward that her dad is at the house, she lets out a small dose of frustration by antagonizing his younger home wrecking girlfriend. Interracial Hentai contains full comics!

She followed his cue…

She did not want to do this again but did not want another spanking either, so she took reggie’s flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking.
He said looking down at her blond hair and easing up on the force he had been applying.
He held her head and began gently rubbing her back with his other hand.
You see how much better it is if you don’t resist me? I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll love you and treat you nice if you treat me nice.
Like a flag on a pole, her head rose higher as his organ enlarged and hardened, ultimately just its glans fitting in her mouth.

She followed his cue, put her lips around its head again, and pumped its shaft.
When he finished she retreated to the other end of the sofa with the taste of his semen still in her mouth. She did not understand how he could make so much of it.
He had already cum twice this morning and she swallowed five more mouthfuls now. How could a man be this virile and practically not need a refractory period?

He shoots two fingers up in Kelly’s vagina

Frank returns. In his hand was a small piece of pancake that he didn’t eat. He approaches Kelly and drops into her cleavage.
He sticks his hand into Kelly’s cleavage and starts feeling around pretending to look for the small piece of pancake.
He shoots two fingers up in Kelly’s vagina making her gasp and moan. More interracial comics at Black Cock Comics

Kelly almost falls but Frank hand catches hep hips and he forces her against the wall.
He continues to rub her insside and then he takes his fingers out and licks them.
He puts his fingers back in and his right hand continues to grope her left boob making Kelly mo an louder.
You’ve had another orgasm. I’m done now: pay me my money so I can be on my way, unless you want me to stay.


Mouth service

Now really getting into pounding his teacher’s big soft ass Taylor ervjoys the wet slapping sounds of his hips hitting big soft ass echoing throughout the bathroom. Mrs. Keagan 
moans even louder as her body reacts to the strong powerful thrusts.
Back upstairs. Taylor continues to pound away at his teachers big as all while her her husband is downstairs busy debating.
Heeding the oversexed Milf’s request, Taylor decided to give her ass a little break as he orders her to give him a world class blow job. As Taylor enjoys his professional quality “mouth service” Rebecca’s only concern was putting all of her effort into making the black teen cum in her mouth.


Taylor inserts his thick cock deep up the MILF’s huge white ass


As Taylor inserts his thick cock deep up the MILF’s huge white ass, a surge of pleasure shoots throughout Rebecca’s body as the now too familiar feeling sends her in a trance as  she almost forgets that her husband and children are just down stairs.
After a few minutes of some deep ass fucking, Taylor decided to really go to work on his teacher’s big ass as he prepares to go into the shower for better leverage to drill his long dick in deeper!
To Mrs.Keagan’s confusion, Toylor fully disrobes then enters the shower with her. 
But that confusion quickly goes away as her student’s dick find it’s way home back up her ass!


Uhh, fuck! It’s so tight!


Minutes later, Mrs. Keagan takes her well sought after shower as she tries to naively convince herself that things are still in her control as a familiar face sneaks into the bathroom.
Still in shock of Taylor’s utter boldness, Mrs. Keagan tries to warn her younger student about getting caught but he’s not having any of it.
Taylor continues to explore his favorite part on the women of the house as poor Rebecca dreads the fact that she is about to take another huge cock up her ass before the days end.
Taylor tries to savor the moment and enjoy his teachers ass as she simply wants Taylor to hurry up and get this over with before they are discovered by her family. More at cuckold comics



Drunk Milf Inerracial

Contemplating on todays events as her lower body aches as she mentally relives the various sex acts that she was subjected to before arriving to the safety of her home. With his immense strength Pops pulls Mrs. Keagan’s body down on his raging hard cock for almost an hour until he shoots a forceful blast of hot cum deep up the married woman’s ass.


As Mrs. Rebecca Keagan does her best to get the raunchy images out of her mind, she becomes more relaxed as she walks into the comfort of her home. As the curvy MILF casually drink her can of soda, she is greeted with a huge surprise. More at Interracial Toons