Double fellatio session

It wasn’t long until the shock of the situation left Lisa’s drunken mind. The horny teen began to lovingly cradle then suck Mr. Pierre”s big fat cock all while her mother watches with approval.
Enjoying the double fellatio session,he didn’t last very long once Mrs. Kholer unleashed her “special” talents fearing that her daughter would satisfy her man more.
After the girl on girl show, Lisa then proceeded to give her teacher the best tit fuck that he’s ever had. All while her mother enjoyed some quick tastes of the big cock


After minutes of the hard tit fuck session from Lisa, Mr. Pierre shoots out another hot load of cum as her mom lovingly kiss and lick on his nipples.
Within seconds of him cumming, Lisa cleaned off her teacher’s huge cock with her mouth before sucking him off again until he explodes deep in her mouth.
Lisa rode her teacher for over 30 minutes all while her drunken mother cheered her on. Living out his fantasy, Mr. Pierre pounded away with all he had forcing the brash teen to cum over and over again.

She puts her mouth on his penis

Frank moaned and groaned as he continued thrusting into kelly. He couldn’t believe he was actually screwing this beautiful 22 year old.
Franks gets off her. Kelly was shaken up that she fall out of bed.
Kelly puts her purple polished fingernails on Frank’s penis.
Kelly does as she was told. She puts her mouth on his penis and starts sucking.


She kept going until he suddenly rams it deeper into her mouth. Frank finally take’s it out of her mouth. Kelly was coughing and gagging.
Frank squeezes the last of the semen out into his hands and tells Kelly to lick.
He reaches for a box of tissues and cleans his hands.

Swallowing all the hot

Stuck with the knowledge that once again that her past actions are coming back to bite her in the ass, Lisa decides to rely on her newly discovered skills in serving black cock.
As Lisa thinks that she could easily get the cop off with her mouth,things take a quick turn towards the bizarre in this cold dark alley.

Knowing that she might go to jail if she doesn’t satisfy this vengeful cop, Lisa does her best to get this much older black officer to climax with her mouth gagging on his big black cock while he fucks her face hard until he cums deep down Lisa’s throat.
After swallowing all the hot, thick, cum that she could handle, Lisa is relieved that it was now over as she could not possibly imagine that the older cop would still be horny after shooting such a load but she was wrong.
In an unexpected twist of her night, Lisa is now on her knees taking a big fat cock deep up her ass stretching all of her insides to the limit as poor Lisa still tries to show some kind of defiance.


Kelly obeys

In the shower Frank was making out with Kelly. His hands ran down her back to her ass cheeks, Frank was having the time of his life. In the shower with
this gorgeous 22 year old blond, his hands caressing her body, her breasts against his chest.
He stop and tells her to go to the wall. Kelly does as she is told. Kelly knew what was about to happened and indeed it happend.
He starts thrusting faster and faster.

After the shower Frank got dressed. After he was dress he selected what Kelly was to wear. He looked throught and was disappointed that Kelly didn’t some lacie panties.
He watches her put on just a matching blue half cupped bra with blue panties with blue heel shoes.
After breakfast, Frank gets up and takes his plate and Kelly’s plate to the kitchen. He tells Kelly just to sit there until he comes back. Kelly obeys.

Monstrous penis

Her arm shakily crossed over her chest concealing her nipples that had hardened from the cold.
Reggie shoved her down. His fingers slid inside the waist bands of her pajama bottoms and panties and bunched them in his first.
Naked on her back beneath him, arm covering her breasts, hand over her vagina, and shivers so severe the entire bed trembled.

The sensation of his monstrous penis pressing against her, it’s warmth and hardness reaching above her belley button, confirmed what she saw in the shadow.
Melissa’s body thawed from Reggie’s warmth. The powerful drug caused her to drowse into him more.
As the candle in her room dimmed, Melissa’s consciousness followed a similar course drifting toward delirium. For brief intervals she hallucinated in the darkness – Reggie became bill.
They shared tender moments, and she stopped resisting. Full Interracial Comics >>

Dormant slut personality

After weeks of getting plowed with her teacher’s huge thick cock, Lisa seemed to put aside her differences with Mr. Pierre as she now welcomes his “extra credit” sessions.
Lisa fully embraces her dormant slut personality as she is fucked to the brink of sanity as she brace for incoming orgasms.

As Mr. Pierre shoots his hot cum all over Lisa, They soon get an unexpected visit just before they begin their round two of hot sex.
Annoyed at the interruption. Lisa angrily goes to answer the door to the surprise of seeing her father right at the door.
Feeling awkward that her dad is at the house, she lets out a small dose of frustration by antagonizing his younger home wrecking girlfriend. Interracial Hentai contains full comics!

She followed his cue…

She did not want to do this again but did not want another spanking either, so she took reggie’s flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking.
He said looking down at her blond hair and easing up on the force he had been applying.
He held her head and began gently rubbing her back with his other hand.
You see how much better it is if you don’t resist me? I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll love you and treat you nice if you treat me nice.
Like a flag on a pole, her head rose higher as his organ enlarged and hardened, ultimately just its glans fitting in her mouth.

She followed his cue, put her lips around its head again, and pumped its shaft.
When he finished she retreated to the other end of the sofa with the taste of his semen still in her mouth. She did not understand how he could make so much of it.
He had already cum twice this morning and she swallowed five more mouthfuls now. How could a man be this virile and practically not need a refractory period?

He shoots two fingers up in Kelly’s vagina

Frank returns. In his hand was a small piece of pancake that he didn’t eat. He approaches Kelly and drops into her cleavage.
He sticks his hand into Kelly’s cleavage and starts feeling around pretending to look for the small piece of pancake.
He shoots two fingers up in Kelly’s vagina making her gasp and moan. More interracial comics at Black Cock Comics

Kelly almost falls but Frank hand catches hep hips and he forces her against the wall.
He continues to rub her insside and then he takes his fingers out and licks them.
He puts his fingers back in and his right hand continues to grope her left boob making Kelly mo an louder.
You’ve had another orgasm. I’m done now: pay me my money so I can be on my way, unless you want me to stay.


Mouth service

Now really getting into pounding his teacher’s big soft ass Taylor ervjoys the wet slapping sounds of his hips hitting big soft ass echoing throughout the bathroom. Mrs. Keagan 
moans even louder as her body reacts to the strong powerful thrusts.
Back upstairs. Taylor continues to pound away at his teachers big as all while her her husband is downstairs busy debating.
Heeding the oversexed Milf’s request, Taylor decided to give her ass a little break as he orders her to give him a world class blow job. As Taylor enjoys his professional quality “mouth service” Rebecca’s only concern was putting all of her effort into making the black teen cum in her mouth.


Taylor inserts his thick cock deep up the MILF’s huge white ass


As Taylor inserts his thick cock deep up the MILF’s huge white ass, a surge of pleasure shoots throughout Rebecca’s body as the now too familiar feeling sends her in a trance as  she almost forgets that her husband and children are just down stairs.
After a few minutes of some deep ass fucking, Taylor decided to really go to work on his teacher’s big ass as he prepares to go into the shower for better leverage to drill his long dick in deeper!
To Mrs.Keagan’s confusion, Toylor fully disrobes then enters the shower with her. 
But that confusion quickly goes away as her student’s dick find it’s way home back up her ass!